The Broker Immobiliare Company is a real estate agency and offers the following services:

  • Sale of residential real estate and tenancy of single units
  • Sale of commercial real estate and tenancy of individual offices
  • Sale of fully leased estates
  • Sale and real estate located in tourist areas such us sea-side, mountain and countryside
  • Off-Plan Sales
  • Valuations and appraisals
  • Private property management

The company operates through offices in Rome since 1994, in Milan since 2004 and the Argentario (Porto Ercole) since 2008 always with the intent to treat its customers in this specific sector.
Our staff is selected on the basis of their family background, cultural and professional motivated to an occupation consistent with the principles of the society can be summed up in style, professionalism, transparency and reliability.
At the intermediary service is flanked tax consulting, administrative, legal and bankruptcy taking advantage of the assistance of leading professionals.
When we are marketing properties we deliver the following range of services.

  • Make a paper brochure and telematics
  • Create a photo shoot and / or video
  • Aerial also by “drones”
  • Carry out surveys of surfaces and feasibility studies for different lay-out and render
  • Evaluate the possibility of a different intended use
  • Elaborate texts and formats for advertising
  • Select newspapers and magazines for national and international marketing activities
  • Select primary real estate portals for marketing activities
  • Increase the real estate marketing using the procedures SEM and SEO
  • Switch on specific search engines on the Internet
  • Promote events such as cocktails and sponsorships for sports competitions
  • Charities, sharing presentation of cultural activities
  • To inform our selected clientele using our own mailing list, sending newsletter
  • Update the owner with activities of constant reports about contacts and visits.
  • Set up sales offices in the “yard”.
  • Extend our operations besides Rome, Milan and Argentario, even on a national basis with a willingness to enter into specific structures of vehicles and people, in proportion to the commitments to be undertaken.