Oltrepò Pavese – Genestrello

The house belonging to the Coardi di Carpeneto Mazza family in Genestrello stands out beautifully upon a hill overlooking the valley of the River Po at the point where the Via Romea brushes past the village church. A mighty yet elegant building which, over the centuries, has set the stage for a whole host of greater (and lesser) events that have been tied to the history of Italy. Some were episodes in the life of the country of some high degree of importance, others were simply significant in social terms. Further episodes were linked, however, to the events and the sentiments of the families who lived in the house, generation upon generation.The main building is in the shape of an H with a central part from which two wings protrude in a north-westerly direction. Two further, lower, wings protrude in a south direction as was often the case in country mansions from the 18th Century onwards. The building sits harmoniously within the enormous gardens, landscaped all’italiana. These gardens were once set, in centuries past, among a much vaster estate.The origins of the house most probably date back to the 17th Century when the building, which had once been probably intended as a defensive construction, was transformed into a country mansion.Over three centuries, the succession of owners who always managed to show a certain sensitivity with regard to the beauty and the peace of the place has enabled the mansion at Genestrello to become one of the finest examples of some of the most sophisticated forms of joie de vivre in Italy. The villa needs a complete renovation. The villa is not furnished. Class G, IPE 232,00 kWh/m² anno.

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